Understanding the Inner-Workings of Chocolate Fountains

It’s important for commercial chocolate fountain rental businesses to understand the basics of how chocolate fountains work. Although chocolate fountains are meant to keep chocolate at the perfect consistency, understanding the basic mechanics ensures that you operate the chocolate fountain correctly and give each guest memories only of delicious chocolate.

Getting to Know the Components

Every commercial chocolate fountain begins with the base. The basin is attached to the base and then the central cylinder, which is the means of holding the tiers, fits into the basin. The central cylinder plays an important role because not only does it hold the tiers, but it holds them at the proper downward slope to ensure perfect chocolate fountain flow.

After the basin is filled with melted chocolate for chocolate fountains, the stabilizer and auger should be fitted together and then attached to the basin. This dynamic duo churns the melted chocolate and draws it up the central cylinder so it can cascade down the tiers. The finishing touch is the crown, which goes on top and declares the chocolate fountain ready to use.

Making Delicious Chocolate is a Team Effort

It’s essential to place the chocolate fountain on an even, flat surface. Otherwise, the chocolate won’t flow through the chocolate fountain correctly. The components were especially designed to work in concert and make the chocolate flow evenly through the fountain. The chocolate can be melted on the stove, in a microwave or right in the basin before adding the auger and crown.

Once everything is in place, all you need to do is watch the chocolate be drawn up through the auger and flow down the tiers like a chocolate waterfall that guests won’t be able to resist.

Using Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains Correctly

When preparing for a chocolate fountain event, it’s important to make sure to make sure that your chocolate for chocolate fountains isn’t added to a cold chocolate fountain. If the components aren’t room temperature and are too cold, the melted chocolate will clump, and the auger won’t be able to draw the chocolate up.

Also, remember that dark chocolate requires less time to melt than white chocolate, but must be melted at a higher temperature. Alternately, scalding white or milk chocolate causes it to develop lumps and prevents it from flowing freely through the chocolate fountain.

After an event or receiving a shipment of Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountains, keep the chocolate in a cool, dry place, but avoid putting it in a refrigerator or freezer. Moisture is the enemy of delicious chocolate, so make sure to store yours properly to keep it tasting great.

Now that you understand how your chocolate fountain components work together, you can confidently operate your commercial chocolate fountain at every event.


Why Sephra’s Commercial Chocolate Fountains are the Best in the Business

Sephra is the undisputed commercial chocolate fountain industry giant with unparalleled products, customer service, and the only Limited Lifetime Warranty in the chocolate fountain business. Sephra also has four patents and a stellar reputation for manufacturing high-quality chocolate fountains, making it easy to understand why Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains are such a popular choice.

It’s All in the Design

Sephra took the time to create both commercial chocolate fountains and home chocolate fountains that were guaranteed to hold up against the highest industry standards. Four patents later, Sephra’s chocolate fountains are more user-friendly than others in both set-up and clean-up with their patented Quick Set tier system.

Sephra’s chocolate fountains also pass both sanitation and electric certifications, ensuring each chocolate fountain is safe to operate. Sephra chocolate fountains are also equipped with quiet motors built to endure, ensuring the focus remains on the warm flowing chocolate.

Sephra is a Company That Cares

Sephra understands that commercial chocolate fountain rental businesses who choose to operate Sephra chocolate fountains do so because of reliability and prestige. Sephra’s name helps chocolate fountain rental owners earn more money and attract more clients. Sephra desires to maintain this high standard and accordingly puts each chocolate fountain through rigorous quality control inspections prior to sending any unit out.

A Sephra chocolate fountain is an investment and must be in perfect working order to generate income for a chocolate fountain rental business. Once the ordered chocolate fountain passes the quality test, it’s packed with care and precision before leaving Sephra’s San Diego headquarters.

Sephra is so passionate about you making money from your new chocolate fountain that free shipping is given, along with a custom carrying case designed to protect your commercial chocolate fountain pieces while in transit, make you look more professional to clients, and to make life easier when going from job to job.

Sephra’s Limited Lifetime Warranty will kick in if any part of your chocolate fountain breaks, so you don’t have to worry about making additional investments should a part fail. That’s the Sephra guarantee!

Sephra Sets the Chocolate Fountain Industry Standard

Sephra stands out not only through its stellar customer service and impeccable quality control, but also in being the only chocolate fountain manufacturer who creates unique accessories just for Sephra chocolate fountains. Other chocolate fountain manufacturers simply offer universal accessories that are mass produced.

Sephra’s attention to detail and passion for chocolate and chocolate fountains shows in the chocolate fountains, accessories and customer service. Don’t you agree?

Modern Dipping: Trendy Ideas for Your Next Chocolate Fountain Display

Your chocolate fountain rental business needs to keep up with current trends to ensure that the dipping treats and their presentation continues to please both the palette and the eye. Using a few creative twists and updates, your next chocolate fountain dipping treat display will really shine.

Dipping Treats: Mini is In

Dipping treats are typically chosen because they taste great on their own, but transcend to new levels of decadence after dipped in warm chocolate for chocolate fountains. Although taste is important, looks are what initially catch the eyes of hungry guests, and mini is the big trend in dipping treats.

Not only are mini dipping treats the ideal size and shape for sliding onto skewers and dipping into the chocolate fountain, but they are manageable to eat. Larger dipping treats that require multiple bites can be messy. Transforming larger desserts into mini-dipping treats is where the trend lies, such as offering mini cupcakes and mini waffles.

Other exciting mini dipping treats include mochi, which are an Asian pastry made from rice and filled with sweet red bean paste, ice cream or strawberries. This exotic, sweet and slightly sticky dipping treat tastes delicious covered in chocolate for chocolate fountains. Another popular sweet treat are macaroons. These sweet, bite-sized treats are irresistible dipped in the chocolate fountain, and they display well. Other trendy mini dipping treat options include mini donuts, mini caramel cookies, and bite-sized squares of angel food cake.

Creating a Trendy and Eye-Catching Dipping Display

Once you’ve chosen which trendy dipping treats to display, you need to focus on planning the chocolate fountain display table. Trendy ways to display dipping treats include layering different types of dipping treats onto long skewers and then placing them upright (by inserting ends into a foam base) in groups surrounding the chocolate fountain.

In addition to layering bites of angel food cake with brownie bites, for example, another trend is to layer fruit combinations onto long skewers, instead of asking guests to spear individual bites. For example, you might alternate pineapple bites with strawberry slices between two slices of banana-one on each end. Or, create berry combinations that are as bold in color as they are in taste once dipped in decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains.

Arranging mini dipping treats on long skewers and then placing a few groupings upright while laying others out flat on decorative platters creates interest and brings these dipping treats closer to eye level. As the guests walk by the display table, drawn by the scent of warm chocolate for chocolate fountain, they will be unable to resist sampling the various flavor combinations and will come back for more once they taste them dipped in delicious chocolate!

Tapping Into the Baby Shower Market With Your Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are perfect for baby showers. What pregnant woman wouldn’t enjoy indulging in warm chocolate covered treats for an afternoon with her close friends and family? Once you rent your commercial chocolate fountain to a few baby showers, word will spread about how fun and delicious chocolate fountain baby showers are!

Create a Custom Baby Shower Display

Whether you’re brand new to the baby shower market or have hosted a few, baby showers are a great way to grow your commercial chocolate fountain rental business. It takes a little planning and creativity, but once you create a chocolate fountain display just for baby showers, you can use the photos to create a special baby shower marketing brochure or post them on your website. If you know someone who’s planning a baby shower, offer your chocolate fountain services and use this opportunity to get feedback and test your new display.

You can offer a choice of baby blue, light pink or yellow tablecloths, and then decorate the display table with a garland strung with pacifiers and rattles. You might also place a small baby bottle as the topper or offer gender specific choices like a toy truck for a boy and a tea pot for a girl. Then, set the display table with traditional antique white bowls and platters for a more formal baby shower, or offer the option of choosing small white wicker bassinet-shaped baskets.

Generate Interest With a Chocolate Fountain Open House

If you don’t have a baby shower scheduled, consider hosting an open house just for expectant mothers (plus guests). You could set up one gender neutral chocolate fountain display or create two separate, smaller displays and offer milk and white chocolate. Also, white chocolate doesn’t have the caffeine content that milk chocolate does, so many might prefer this option, as some pregnant women are limiting their intake of caffeine. Your creative and thoughtful baby shower display combined with delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains will likely win you some new clients.

You could extend the open house invitation to small business owners who are involved in baby showers, such as caterers, stationers, baby boutique owners and party planners. Making alliances and impressing business owners with your display and your chocolate fountain will help create rapport. In turn, they could recommend your services, and you could recommend theirs to your clients. You might even host a chocolate fountain baby shower event at one of these businesses on a weekend to attract new clients and give that store increased business. Offering a discount for booking that day would also help snag new clients.

These are just a few ideas for generating baby shower business. Once you have a firm foot in this increasingly lucrative niche, expectant mothers will be knocking on your door.