When to Choose a Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are the perfect addition to any gathering, big or small, since almost everyone will enjoy dipping treats into warm, decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains. It’s important to understand the differences between a commercial chocolate fountain and a home chocolate fountain so you can decide which type best suits your needs for every occasion.

Why Large Gatherings Need a Commercial Chocolate Fountain

A commercial chocolate fountain is necessary to satisfy the chocolate cravings of a large party. In contrast, the home chocolate fountain was designed to feed a small group of friends and family. Home chocolate fountains don’t have the capacity for the amount of chocolate needed for a bigger group; commercial chocolate fountains do.

If you did use your home chocolate fountain at a large gathering, you would find yourself chained to the chocolate fountain by constantly refilling it. This is inconvenient for you and your guests who would have to wait before sampling additional dipping treats. Even adults get impatient waiting in line because the chocolate fountain is too small for the party. This will cause guests to focus on the inconvenience, instead of enjoying the delicious chocolate covered treats and your company.

Why a Commercial Chocolate Fountain Rental is the Perfect Solution

When you’re planning a large gathering, opt for a commercial chocolate fountain rental, and you can focus your energy on planning the party instead of worrying about having enough chocolate for your home chocolate fountain. Commercial chocolate fountains can easily accommodate a guest list of 50 to 75 people, unlike your home chocolate fountain which can handle up to 20 guests comfortably.

Sephra’s Aztec or Montezuma commercial chocolate fountains are both excellent choices for a larger party because they are both capable of providing enough chocolate to satisfy the hungriest guests without running dry in the process. Renting one is an economical choice if you don’t want to purchase, and renting a commercial chocolate fountain can include an attendant and dipping treats, leaving you to enjoy your guests.

You can decorate the commercial chocolate fountain to match the party’s theme or simply jazz it up to match the tone of the party. For example, you could choose the polished stainless steel finish and add white twinkle lights for a modern elegance or could add a wrapped box to the top for a birthday party. You can arrange a combination of tiered plates, sculpted ice bowls and platters to display the dipping treats so the chocolate fountain display table is both attractive and appetizing.

So save your home chocolate fountain for small, intimate gatherings and choose a commercial chocolate fountain rental to make your large party a memorable occasion!

Setting Up Chocolate Fountains for Kids

Part of the reason that chocolate fountains are so popular is because they deviate from traditional dessert options. Chocolate fountains encourage you to interact with others and your dessert and provide plenty of chocolate covered options. This makes chocolate fountains ideal for kids’ birthday parties! Below are some ideas for setting up a chocolate fountain for kids.

Preparing the Chocolate Fountain for Kids

Kids are, predictably, wiggly, impatient and full of energy. Kids, therefore, will find it more challenging (depending on their ages) to wait patiently in line for their turn at dipping treats into the chocolate fountain. Having the waiting children play a game (like I Spy) is a good distraction. Also, kids are notorious for forgetting to cover their mouths and noses before coughing or sneezing, making a wind/sneeze guard a chocolate fountain essential, especially for an outdoor party.

Any allergies should be disclosed, but sometimes parents forget, so it’s important to ask each parent and not wait for to be told about a peanut allergy, for example. Strawberry allergies are also somewhat common, and since strawberries are the most popular dipping treat, it’s essential to know if you shouldn’t serve them.

Also, kids in general relish any opportunity to get a little messy, so when faced with the prospect of dipping treats into warm, melted chocolate for chocolate fountains, it’s quite possible that chocolate will find its way onto everything. Planning ahead for the mess is simple, especially if the party is outdoors. If inside, make sure vinyl tablecloths are used in the chocolate fountain dipping area, and limit where the kids can eat their chocolate treats.

Dipping Treats: Making the Right Selections

The best way to ensure that kids don’t linger too long over the chocolate fountain display table and cause other kids to wait is to offer a small selection of dipping treats. When faced with too many choices, kids will either overload or take too much time trying to decide. Offering one choice for each dipping treat category is the best way to keep everyone happy. For example, you might offer three dipping treat platters: one with skewered banana slices, one with bites of birthday cake (this could be yellow, white or angel food cake), and one with colored marshmallows.

Every child will recognize banana slices and be excited to dip these into warm chocolate. If you offer something a kid might not easily identify, it won’t get eaten. Kids are picky, which is more reason to keep the choices simple. Other sweet options include small cookies, donut holes and mini cupcakes.

Following these simple suggestions will ensure your next chocolate fountain event for kids is a chocolate success!

Designing a White Chocolate Fountain Display for the Traditional Brides

Although bridal trends include adding bold color accents to the wedding color scheme, there are still plenty of traditional brides who want that elegant, all white bridal theme for their wedding, but would also enjoy a chocolate fountain display. Show those brides that you can deliver the all white chocolate fountain display of her dreams and secure a new client.

Delicious Dipping Treats for the White Chocolate Fountain Display

Your white chocolate fountain display should begin with a cascade of rich, warm white chocolate for chocolate fountains. Of course, the bride may also decide that she wants milk or dark chocolate instead and simply wants the display table and dipping treats to be white. However, one taste of a white chocolate covered dipping treat might sway her to select a truly bridal display.

Once she’s decided on white chocolate, it’s time to explore the dipping treat possibilities. Sephra’s snowy white marshmallows stacked on a white footed dish will look enchanting. Tiered white plates filled with macaroons and heart and flower shaped meringues could round off the confections. Baked dipping treats could include Asian mochi, which are sweet rice pastries, bites of white cheesecake and squares of moist, white cake or mini white cupcakes. More options include miniature shortbread cookies, sugar cookies and macadamia nuts.

Of course, including fruit is the perfect way to counteract the sweetness of the baked and confectionary dipping treats. Although white fruit choices aren’t abundant, exotic fruits like lychee is juicy, sweet and white. Also, dragon fruit is white with a scattering of small black seeds and peeled apples are also a delicious option. You could also offer to include skewers of blueberries as her something blue alongside skewers of strawberry slices to represent the blushing bride.

Creating a Bridal Chocolate Fountain Display

Once the array of white dipping treats is chosen, it’s time to focus on the decorations for the chocolate fountain display table. This begins with a white tablecloth but a delicate lace overlay or runner would add a traditional yet vintage touch to the table. Stains should be well-disguised with the white chocolate, enabling the display table to shine throughout the wedding.

Sephra’s ice moulds add elegance and interest without adding color to the bridal display and are perfect for keeping fruit bites fresh and crisp. Sephra also offers an ice mould for a bride and groom sculpture that could be placed on the display table. Also, adding white LED lights to the display table, particularly near the ice moulds, will make the table glow.

Finally, white flowers can be added for that final, feminine touch. A small arrangement of white flowers like roses, calla lilies and baby’s breath could grace the top of the chocolate fountain. Also, white rose petals could be scattered among the dipping treats.

The final chocolate fountain display table will be sheer bridal elegance and will not only impress the bride but could create future clients from guests attending the wedding.

3 Ways to Inspire Client Referrals for Your Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Marketing your chocolate fountain rental business is important because without clients, there is no business. Once your chocolate fountain rental business is able to generate substantial client referrals, your profits will increase and you can trim your marketing budget. Here are three ways to inspire your clients to refer your chocolate fountain rental business.

Saying Thank You to Generate Repeat Business

Good manners are an important tool that any business owner can easily use. Clients who are treated with respect and receive thank you cards after renting a chocolate fountain are not only likely to use your chocolate fountain rental business again, but to recommend your services to others.

When sending thank you notes, choose stationery that evokes chocolate and will remind your client how delicious that chocolate fountain rental was. Your chocolate thank you note cards could feature a chocolate brown pinstripe on the front, and the note itself could be composed in dark brown ink.

Simply thank your client for choosing your chocolate fountain rental business and mention the specific event to shows the note isn’t a form letter. Make sure to enclose your contact information, and ask that you be remembered for the next event. This simple yet thoughtful gesture will make your chocolate fountain rental business the first choice.

Offering Chocolate Fountain Rental Incentives

Sometime offering clients incentives to refer your chocolate fountain rental business is a simple way to make everyone happy. Your business grows with increased referrals, and loyal clients are rewarded with a complimentary extra service or a discount for their next chocolate fountain rental.

You could enclose the offer in the thank you note so that clients will be impressed with the gesture, but also keep in mind the reward for recommending your business to others. Another option is to reward referring clients with a gift basket of chocolate treats in lieu of a service discount. Keep in mind that by offering a discount based on a referral booking a chocolate fountain rental, you’ll be getting two client bookings (one new, one repeat) for the price of sending a thank you card.

Providing Stellar Customer Service

The final step towards securing client referrals is to offer a pleasant experience, both before and during the event. Customer service begins when the potential client walks through the door, throughout the planning process and continues through the event. Even the most difficult clients must receive stellar customer.

If you lose your temper or fail to return phone calls to clients, no incentive or thank you note will erase the frustration of being treated poorly. Instead, combine the first two with customer service above reproach and people will be enthusiastic about recommending your services. Your chocolate fountain rental business will grow without having to spend your profits on marketing.