Chocolate Fountain Wedding Cakes for Budget-Minded Brides

In today’s economy, many brides are increasingly budget-conscious and will have to make difficult decisions on what to cut out in order to save money. Although wedding cakes are traditional, they are also incredibly expensive. Instead, open the eyes of budget-minded brides to the trend of choosing a delicious chocolate fountain instead. Not only will they save money in the process, but they’ll get to enjoy extra dessert with their guests!

Why Trade a Traditional Wedding Cake for a Delicious Chocolate Fountain

Savvy brides are finding creative ways to trim the budget without sacrificing style. It’s important, however, that you communicate to brides the benefits of eschewing a traditional wedding cake in favor of a chocolate fountain because not all brides will immediately recognize the benefits, even if they’re familiar with the trend.

Begin by telling the bride that by choosing a chocolate fountain, she will have her cake and eat it too! Not only will she save money with a chocolate fountain rental, but the price will include bite-sized cake for dipping, as well as an array of other sumptuous dipping treats, meaning she won’t be paying extra to offer guests multiple dessert options!

Also, detail the trendy first bite ceremony where the happy couple chooses a dipping treat (usually a strawberry, but can be a cake bite) and will be the first to dip into the warm chocolate fountain. Once they’ve dipped their treat, they feed each other as a symbol of commitment and true love. Then, the chocolate fountain is open for the guests to enjoy, and with such a variety of dipping treat options, even the pickiest person will find something to tantalize their taste buds.

How to Provide a “Wedding Cake” Experience With a Chocolate Fountain

If brides are still unsure about trading a wedding cake for a chocolate fountain, make sure you have a wedding portfolio handy to show the delicious possibilities. Remind each bride that the display can be customized to match her wedding theme and color scheme, and she’ll have a wide choice of dipping treats available. Also, show the possibilities for including a topper on the chocolate fountain to emulate a wedding cake. This can be the traditional bride and groom figurine or a floral arrangement.

She’ll be able to choose between milk, white and dark chocolate, and her table can sparkle with the addition of white or colored LED lights. Also, ice moulds can be crafted to hold some of the dipping treats, and tiers of mini cupcakes could be included in the shape of a wedding cake to combine the trend of cupcakes and chocolate fountains as the wedding cake.

Chocolate fountains are already popular at weddings, so taking the trend one step further will encourage budget-minded brides to choose your chocolate fountain as her wedding cake, with other brides following close behind.