3 Ways to Inspire Client Referrals for Your Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Marketing your chocolate fountain rental business is important because without clients, there is no business. Once your chocolate fountain rental business is able to generate substantial client referrals, your profits will increase and you can trim your marketing budget. Here are three ways to inspire your clients to refer your chocolate fountain rental business.

Saying Thank You to Generate Repeat Business

Good manners are an important tool that any business owner can easily use. Clients who are treated with respect and receive thank you cards after renting a chocolate fountain are not only likely to use your chocolate fountain rental business again, but to recommend your services to others.

When sending thank you notes, choose stationery that evokes chocolate and will remind your client how delicious that chocolate fountain rental was. Your chocolate thank you note cards could feature a chocolate brown pinstripe on the front, and the note itself could be composed in dark brown ink.

Simply thank your client for choosing your chocolate fountain rental business and mention the specific event to shows the note isn’t a form letter. Make sure to enclose your contact information, and ask that you be remembered for the next event. This simple yet thoughtful gesture will make your chocolate fountain rental business the first choice.

Offering Chocolate Fountain Rental Incentives

Sometime offering clients incentives to refer your chocolate fountain rental business is a simple way to make everyone happy. Your business grows with increased referrals, and loyal clients are rewarded with a complimentary extra service or a discount for their next chocolate fountain rental.

You could enclose the offer in the thank you note so that clients will be impressed with the gesture, but also keep in mind the reward for recommending your business to others. Another option is to reward referring clients with a gift basket of chocolate treats in lieu of a service discount. Keep in mind that by offering a discount based on a referral booking a chocolate fountain rental, you’ll be getting two client bookings (one new, one repeat) for the price of sending a thank you card.

Providing Stellar Customer Service

The final step towards securing client referrals is to offer a pleasant experience, both before and during the event. Customer service begins when the potential client walks through the door, throughout the planning process and continues through the event. Even the most difficult clients must receive stellar customer.

If you lose your temper or fail to return phone calls to clients, no incentive or thank you note will erase the frustration of being treated poorly. Instead, combine the first two with customer service above reproach and people will be enthusiastic about recommending your services. Your chocolate fountain rental business will grow without having to spend your profits on marketing.