3 Ways To Make Your Commercial Chocolate Fountain Displays Stand Out


It never takes long for guests to identify the source of rich chocolate in the air.  One look at a flowing commercial chocolate fountain surrounded by dipping treats is enough to grab anyone’s attention. However, a display should incorporate creativity to really stand out and impress guests, which are potential future clients, and here are three ideas to brighten your next display.

Vertical Dipping Treat Displays

To really excite guests at your next chocolate fountain rental event, consider using vertical food displays from Sephra to impress everyone with a tower of dipping treats. Sephra offers the popular fruit palm display, which curves to display dipping treats in a gravity-defying way that is sure to have guests marveling. Sephra also offers a food spike for a two-foot tower of delicious dipping treats, as well as tiers of three to five round or square plates.

These vertical displays can be combined to take up less space on the dessert table and also to make a more dramatic impact on hungry guests craving chocolate for chocolate fountains. You can arrange everything from fresh fruit to confections to baked treats that are at eye level to make choosing a plateful of goodies easier than ever.

Don’t Forget the Chocolate Fountain Topper

Your commercial chocolate fountain from Sephra (the 34-inch and 44-inch) offers the opportunity to add a chocolate fountain topper to further enhance a party theme. Any magnetized topper will stay attached to the chocolate fountain throughout the event. Be as creative as the event calls for. You can attach a simple floral arrangement for a charity luncheon or add a graduation cap replica for a graduation celebration.

Light Up Your Display

White or colored LED lights are the perfect addition to any chocolate fountain display. White LED lights can add elegance and brighten up a formal event, while colored LED lights add a more casual and fun element. LED lights don’t emit a lot of heat, so they won’t melt ice moulds but can shine through them. You can also add some to the chocolate fountain topper to make sure no one misses your chocolate fountain display!