Choosing the Right Home Chocolate Fountain

Sephra has several home chocolate fountain choices, making it easy for you to have delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains whenever the mood strikes. It’s choosing the right fondue fountain for your needs that’s important, and here’s an overview so that you can make the right chocolate fountain choice for your home.

19-inch Signature and Elite Home Chocolate Fountains

The Signature and Elite home chocolate fountains are ideal for homeowners who plan to use the chocolate fountain to entertain family and friends at gatherings and parties, rather than pull it out on a regular basis.

The Signature home chocolate fountain can hold up to 6 pounds of chocolate, which can satisfy up to 40 chocolate-loving guests! It’s comprised of food-grade stainless steel and has a sleek design that has a professional feel and won’t detract from your decor but enhance the party atmosphere.

The dishwasher-safe components make clean-up a breeze, and the electronic temperature controls keeps the chocolate flowing, but will also work with other types of fondue.

The Elite home chocolate fountain is also 19-inches, and the motor is so quiet that guests will only notice the dazzling display and delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains. It also features electronic controls that welcome up to 6 pounds hot and cold fondue selections for up to 40 hungry guests.

18-inch Sephra Classic Home Chocolate Fountain

The Sephra Classic home chocolate fountain offers simplistic modern design in brushed stainless steel that is just as functional as the 19-inch models with its 6-pound chocolate for chocolate fountains capacity that feeds up to 40 people. Its electronic temperature controls give you the flexibility to offer warm chocolate, cheese fondue or BBQ sauce.

You can melt your chocolate directly in the Classic’s basin, and its components are also dishwasher-safe. The Classic’s easy set-up and clean-up means preparing for a small gathering doesn’t have to zap all your energy.

16-inch Select Home Chocolate Fountain

The Select is the smallest home chocolate fountain and is ideal for smaller gatherings and to be used on a more frequent basis. The Select boasts a modern stainless steel look that doesn’t compromise on style, and it has similar features to the larger models. It’s still user-friendly and dishwasher-safe and lets you melt chocolate directly in its basin for less mess. This model gives you the ability to entertain family and friends on a whim with rich, decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains!