Create a Party With Chamoy in Chocolate Fountains

Party With ChamoyEmbrace the traditional Mexican sauce chamoy into your chocolate fountain repertoire and offer clients the chance to enjoy chamoy in their next chocolate fountain rental. Chamoy pairs well with a wide variety of dipping treats and is the perfect accent to a Mexican themed fiesta!

About Chamoy

Chamoy is enjoyed throughout Mexico and is often bottled and sold as a hot sauce alternative. It is made from pickled fruit and then spiced. Chamoy comes in different variations, depending on the fruit and spices used to make it. The most common fruit bases are pickled mangos, plums or apricots, which are then typically seasoned with chilli powder. The fruit is first brined, and the taste of the finished sauce is determined by the addition of vinegar. Once the fruit dries out, it is removed and sold as a snack. The remaining liquid is spiced, and chamoy is born.

Chamoy takes on different personalities, depending who makes it. Chamoy can be pureed into a thin liquid to douse various types of food, or it can be thickened and used as a dip. The overall flavour runs the gamut between sweet and sour or savory, depending on how it’s seasoned. The one constant is how delicious it tastes on food.

Planning a Fiesta With Chamoy for Chocolate Fountain

Chamoy’s unique taste pairs well with many types of food, from main course items to desserts, making it the perfect choice for a chocolate fountain. In Mexico, street vendors popularized tostilocos, which are nacho chips topped with lime juice, cucumbers, jicama, fried peanuts, chilli powder and chamoy. Guests will enjoy the authentic dish drizzled with fresh chamoy from the chocolate fountain. Bowls of peanuts and pita chips will also taste better covered in chamoy.

For a main dish, offering skewers of tamarind kabobs will satisfy the appetite and please the taste buds once dipped into the chamoy for chocolate fountains. Also, skewers of fruit like bite-sized pineapples, apricots, mangos and plums nicely complement the chamoy. For a little healthy crunch, skewers of cucumber and jicama slices also taste better dipped in chamoy. Finally, offer bouquets of piping hot churros for dessert, and no one will leave the fiesta hungry.

Choose bright colors for the tablecloth and the dipping treat containers to showcase the spirit and passion of Mexico. Bold yellow platters paired with dark blue and red bowls will show-off the food and create a festive atmosphere. You might choose a patterned tablecloth and solid dishes or the reverse.

Once the table is set and the chamoy is flowing, the festive ambiance and the delicious chamoy-dipped food will have guests returning for more and ordering a chamoy chocolate fountain rental for their next fiesta.