Designing a White Chocolate Fountain Display for the Traditional Brides

Although bridal trends include adding bold color accents to the wedding color scheme, there are still plenty of traditional brides who want that elegant, all white bridal theme for their wedding, but would also enjoy a chocolate fountain display. Show those brides that you can deliver the all white chocolate fountain display of her dreams and secure a new client.

Delicious Dipping Treats for the White Chocolate Fountain Display

Your white chocolate fountain display should begin with a cascade of rich, warm white chocolate for chocolate fountains. Of course, the bride may also decide that she wants milk or dark chocolate instead and simply wants the display table and dipping treats to be white. However, one taste of a white chocolate covered dipping treat might sway her to select a truly bridal display.

Once she’s decided on white chocolate, it’s time to explore the dipping treat possibilities. Sephra’s snowy white marshmallows stacked on a white footed dish will look enchanting. Tiered white plates filled with macaroons and heart and flower shaped meringues could round off the confections. Baked dipping treats could include Asian mochi, which are sweet rice pastries, bites of white cheesecake and squares of moist, white cake or mini white cupcakes. More options include miniature shortbread cookies, sugar cookies and macadamia nuts.

Of course, including fruit is the perfect way to counteract the sweetness of the baked and confectionary dipping treats. Although white fruit choices aren’t abundant, exotic fruits like lychee is juicy, sweet and white. Also, dragon fruit is white with a scattering of small black seeds and peeled apples are also a delicious option. You could also offer to include skewers of blueberries as her something blue alongside skewers of strawberry slices to represent the blushing bride.

Creating a Bridal Chocolate Fountain Display

Once the array of white dipping treats is chosen, it’s time to focus on the decorations for the chocolate fountain display table. This begins with a white tablecloth but a delicate lace overlay or runner would add a traditional yet vintage touch to the table. Stains should be well-disguised with the white chocolate, enabling the display table to shine throughout the wedding.

Sephra’s ice moulds add elegance and interest without adding color to the bridal display and are perfect for keeping fruit bites fresh and crisp. Sephra also offers an ice mould for a bride and groom sculpture that could be placed on the display table. Also, adding white LED lights to the display table, particularly near the ice moulds, will make the table glow.

Finally, white flowers can be added for that final, feminine touch. A small arrangement of white flowers like roses, calla lilies and baby’s breath could grace the top of the chocolate fountain. Also, white rose petals could be scattered among the dipping treats.

The final chocolate fountain display table will be sheer bridal elegance and will not only impress the bride but could create future clients from guests attending the wedding.