Modern Dipping: Trendy Ideas for Your Next Chocolate Fountain Display

Your chocolate fountain rental business needs to keep up with current trends to ensure that the dipping treats and their presentation continues to please both the palette and the eye. Using a few creative twists and updates, your next chocolate fountain dipping treat display will really shine.

Dipping Treats: Mini is In

Dipping treats are typically chosen because they taste great on their own, but transcend to new levels of decadence after dipped in warm chocolate for chocolate fountains. Although taste is important, looks are what initially catch the eyes of hungry guests, and mini is the big trend in dipping treats.

Not only are mini dipping treats the ideal size and shape for sliding onto skewers and dipping into the chocolate fountain, but they are manageable to eat. Larger dipping treats that require multiple bites can be messy. Transforming larger desserts into mini-dipping treats is where the trend lies, such as offering mini cupcakes and mini waffles.

Other exciting mini dipping treats include mochi, which are an Asian pastry made from rice and filled with sweet red bean paste, ice cream or strawberries. This exotic, sweet and slightly sticky dipping treat tastes delicious covered in chocolate for chocolate fountains. Another popular sweet treat are macaroons. These sweet, bite-sized treats are irresistible dipped in the chocolate fountain, and they display well. Other trendy mini dipping treat options include mini donuts, mini caramel cookies, and bite-sized squares of angel food cake.

Creating a Trendy and Eye-Catching Dipping Display

Once you’ve chosen which trendy dipping treats to display, you need to focus on planning the chocolate fountain display table. Trendy ways to display dipping treats include layering different types of dipping treats onto long skewers and then placing them upright (by inserting ends into a foam base) in groups surrounding the chocolate fountain.

In addition to layering bites of angel food cake with brownie bites, for example, another trend is to layer fruit combinations onto long skewers, instead of asking guests to spear individual bites. For example, you might alternate pineapple bites with strawberry slices between two slices of banana-one on each end. Or, create berry combinations that are as bold in color as they are in taste once dipped in decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains.

Arranging mini dipping treats on long skewers and then placing a few groupings upright while laying others out flat on decorative platters creates interest and brings these dipping treats closer to eye level. As the guests walk by the display table, drawn by the scent of warm chocolate for chocolate fountain, they will be unable to resist sampling the various flavor combinations and will come back for more once they taste them dipped in delicious chocolate!