Selecting the Perfect Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains

Potential clients love hearing about the benefits of renting a Sephra chocolate fountain from your business, especially because of the unique nature of Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountains. It’s also helpful to highlight the chocolate varieties available through Sephra, along with the special formula that separates Sephra chocolate from the pack.

What Makes Sephra Chocolate Unique

Sephra worked diligently to create a special chocolate for chocolate fountains and succeeded in 2003. Sephra’s innovative, industry-defining recipe means that no additives are necessary in order for the chocolate to work properly in the chocolate fountain. Most other brands require the addition of vegetable oil, which is very unhealthy and doesn’t contribute to the taste.

Sephra has three delicious chocolate for chocolate fountain varieties for clients to choose from: dark, milk and white chocolate. A beneficial marketing idea could offer clients the option of renting a pair of smaller chocolate fountains, like the Aztec or Cortez, and choosing two chocolate types for delicious variety on the dessert table.

Imported Belgian Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains

The original Sephra chocolate is imported Belgian chocolate that contains no hydrogenated oils or substituted vegetable fats. It does feature an all natural ingredient list and is certified kosher. Clients will appreciate the healthier aspects of this chocolate for chocolate fountains and will happy to choose such a decadent dessert without any guilt!

Premium Gourmet Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains

Sephra’s premium gourmet chocolate is also kosher certified and features an all natural ingredient list and will work in Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains without additives. This chocolate for chocolate fountain is made in the United States and offers 58.5 percent cocoa solids perfect for today’s health-conscious client. When you offer fresh fruit dipping treats to balance out the rich chocolate, clients will appreciate the diet-friendly option.

Melano Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains

Sephra’s Melano chocolate is especially designed for confectioners who need the melted chocolate to harden quickly in molds for candy or after dipping food in it, like strawberries. This is usually referred to as a compound coating, since it has over 5 percent vegetable fat instead of cocoa butter found in other chocolates.

Melano chocolate contains chocolate liquor instead of cocoa powder, meaning it is ideal for making delicious chocolate candy. However, it is also ideal for the chocolate fountain because it will harden over dipping treats quickly, preventing messy drips.