Selecting the Right Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains are renowned for their dashing style, as well as for producing warm, delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains that flows throughout an event. Anyone with a chocolate fountain rental business will benefit from a Sephra commercial chocolate fountain, but the question is which model(s) to choose.

Sephra offers commercial chocolate fountains in sizes ideal for smaller to larger-scale parties and events. Not only are Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains easy to assemble and clean, but they use chocolate that requires no additives all making Sephra the logical choice for chocolate fountain rental businesses. Keep reading to decide which model or combination will best benefit your business.

Sephra 44-Inch Commercial Chocolate Fountain: The Answer to Large Events

Often, corporate clients host larger-scale events, or wedding clients will require a large chocolate fountain rental to satisfy their event. If your chocolate fountain rental business focuses on these types of events, you’ll want the Sephra 44-inch commercial chocolate fountain.

You can order it in polished or brushed stainless steel, and its sophisticated, modern design with its 4 tiers of rich, flowing chocolate will make a dramatic centerpiece. It holds up to 20 pounds of chocolate for chocolate fountains to satisfy the cravings of 150 guests.

Montezuma Commercial Chocolate Fountain: The Versatile Choice

The Montezuma commercial chocolate fountain is a versatile choice. Although smaller at 34-inches and three tiers, it can hold anywhere from 12 to 20 pounds of chocolate parties up to 150 guests.

The Montezuma is also available in polished or brushed stainless steel, but its versatility means you can rent to a wider variety of event sizes without buying multiple sizes of chocolate fountains.

Aztec and Cortez Commercial Chocolate Fountains: Stand Alone or United

Whether you’re just getting your chocolate fountain rental business started and will focus on smaller events or want complements to the larger chocolate fountains, the 27-inch Aztec or the 23-inch Cortez are excellent choices.

The Aztec holds 11 pounds of chocolate for 75 to 150 guests, while the Cortez is ideal for 50 to 75 guests with 10 pounds of chocolate.

When you use these to complement a larger chocolate fountain, consider offering white or dark chocolate in the smaller fountain and milk chocolate in the larger chocolate fountain for a well-rounded chocolate experience.

All Sephra commercial chocolate fountains feature easy assembly and removable components for easy cleaning and storing, and they are made of food grade stainless steel. Offering any of these models or a combination of large and small chocolate fountains will help promote your chocolate fountain rental business, especially once clients see them in action and sample their delicious chocolate!