Setting Up Chocolate Fountains for Kids

Part of the reason that chocolate fountains are so popular is because they deviate from traditional dessert options. Chocolate fountains encourage you to interact with others and your dessert and provide plenty of chocolate covered options. This makes chocolate fountains ideal for kids’ birthday parties! Below are some ideas for setting up a chocolate fountain for kids.

Preparing the Chocolate Fountain for Kids

Kids are, predictably, wiggly, impatient and full of energy. Kids, therefore, will find it more challenging (depending on their ages) to wait patiently in line for their turn at dipping treats into the chocolate fountain. Having the waiting children play a game (like I Spy) is a good distraction. Also, kids are notorious for forgetting to cover their mouths and noses before coughing or sneezing, making a wind/sneeze guard a chocolate fountain essential, especially for an outdoor party.

Any allergies should be disclosed, but sometimes parents forget, so it’s important to ask each parent and not wait for to be told about a peanut allergy, for example. Strawberry allergies are also somewhat common, and since strawberries are the most popular dipping treat, it’s essential to know if you shouldn’t serve them.

Also, kids in general relish any opportunity to get a little messy, so when faced with the prospect of dipping treats into warm, melted chocolate for chocolate fountains, it’s quite possible that chocolate will find its way onto everything. Planning ahead for the mess is simple, especially if the party is outdoors. If inside, make sure vinyl tablecloths are used in the chocolate fountain dipping area, and limit where the kids can eat their chocolate treats.

Dipping Treats: Making the Right Selections

The best way to ensure that kids don’t linger too long over the chocolate fountain display table and cause other kids to wait is to offer a small selection of dipping treats. When faced with too many choices, kids will either overload or take too much time trying to decide. Offering one choice for each dipping treat category is the best way to keep everyone happy. For example, you might offer three dipping treat platters: one with skewered banana slices, one with bites of birthday cake (this could be yellow, white or angel food cake), and one with colored marshmallows.

Every child will recognize banana slices and be excited to dip these into warm chocolate. If you offer something a kid might not easily identify, it won’t get eaten. Kids are picky, which is more reason to keep the choices simple. Other sweet options include small cookies, donut holes and mini cupcakes.

Following these simple suggestions will ensure your next chocolate fountain event for kids is a chocolate success!