Tapping Into the Baby Shower Market With Your Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are perfect for baby showers. What pregnant woman wouldn’t enjoy indulging in warm chocolate covered treats for an afternoon with her close friends and family? Once you rent your commercial chocolate fountain to a few baby showers, word will spread about how fun and delicious chocolate fountain baby showers are!

Create a Custom Baby Shower Display

Whether you’re brand new to the baby shower market or have hosted a few, baby showers are a great way to grow your commercial chocolate fountain rental business. It takes a little planning and creativity, but once you create a chocolate fountain display just for baby showers, you can use the photos to create a special baby shower marketing brochure or post them on your website. If you know someone who’s planning a baby shower, offer your chocolate fountain services and use this opportunity to get feedback and test your new display.

You can offer a choice of baby blue, light pink or yellow tablecloths, and then decorate the display table with a garland strung with pacifiers and rattles. You might also place a small baby bottle as the topper or offer gender specific choices like a toy truck for a boy and a tea pot for a girl. Then, set the display table with traditional antique white bowls and platters for a more formal baby shower, or offer the option of choosing small white wicker bassinet-shaped baskets.

Generate Interest With a Chocolate Fountain Open House

If you don’t have a baby shower scheduled, consider hosting an open house just for expectant mothers (plus guests). You could set up one gender neutral chocolate fountain display or create two separate, smaller displays and offer milk and white chocolate. Also, white chocolate doesn’t have the caffeine content that milk chocolate does, so many might prefer this option, as some pregnant women are limiting their intake of caffeine. Your creative and thoughtful baby shower display combined with delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains will likely win you some new clients.

You could extend the open house invitation to small business owners who are involved in baby showers, such as caterers, stationers, baby boutique owners and party planners. Making alliances and impressing business owners with your display and your chocolate fountain will help create rapport. In turn, they could recommend your services, and you could recommend theirs to your clients. You might even host a chocolate fountain baby shower event at one of these businesses on a weekend to attract new clients and give that store increased business. Offering a discount for booking that day would also help snag new clients.

These are just a few ideas for generating baby shower business. Once you have a firm foot in this increasingly lucrative niche, expectant mothers will be knocking on your door.