Top 5 Event Types That Rent Commercial Chocolate Fountains

Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains are ideal for any type of event or party, small or large, but these five events are most likely to benefit from a chocolate fountain rental and could become your best clients.

Corporate Parties

Corporate parties tend to host large events several times a year, perhaps even each season depending on the type of business, and your chocolate fountain rental business should be their first call.

Sephra’s chocolate fountains can certainly accommodate large parties, but also feature a sleek, modern design that will enhance a formal business event, making them perfect for corporate affairs. Warm, flowing chocolate as the centerpiece will attract everyone from the CEO to the receptionist and promotes interaction among guests as they ooh and aah over their chocolate dipped treats.


Weddings are quickly becoming the place to indulge in a chocolate fountain. Weddings are happy occasions, and nothing conveys happiness like chocolate covered dipping treats!

White chocolate for chocolate fountains is especially popular to promote the romantic, bridal feel, and its rich, buttery taste complements a wide variety of dipping treats that will please even the pickiest bride!

Bat and Bar Mitzvahs

Bat and Bar Mitzvahs always command a lavish celebration in the Jewish culture, and offering a chocolate fountain rental geared towards this special celebration is the perfect way to draw in new business. Since the guest of honor is a teenager, a chocolate fountain is the perfect way draw together the young and old around the dessert table. Sephra also makes it easy to decorate the chocolate fountain to enhance any theme.

Family or School Reunions

Reunions are a big deal and vary from large scale college and high school reunions to smaller scale family reunions. Either way, a Sephra chocolate fountain will help reunite old friends and bring together family scattered across the country. Chocolate fountains are interactive and can help break the ice as people reconnect over chocolate-dipped strawberries or pound cake. Also, advertising that a chocolate fountain will be present at the reunion can help some guests decide to attend.

Milestone Parties

People experience various milestones throughout life, including graduation, birthdays, anniversaries and even getting a big promotion at work. No matter what the occasion, a chocolate fountain will help create a more festive mood as everyone celebrates with delicious chocolate dipped treats and each other!

These top five events should be in your mind as you create tailored proposals or chocolate fountain rental deals that highlight any of these events. Once you start dazzling people with delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains, referrals for more events will start coming in, and your business will take off!