When to Choose a Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are the perfect addition to any gathering, big or small, since almost everyone will enjoy dipping treats into warm, decadent chocolate for chocolate fountains. It’s important to understand the differences between a commercial chocolate fountain and a home chocolate fountain so you can decide which type best suits your needs for every occasion.

Why Large Gatherings Need a Commercial Chocolate Fountain

A commercial chocolate fountain is necessary to satisfy the chocolate cravings of a large party. In contrast, the home chocolate fountain was designed to feed a small group of friends and family. Home chocolate fountains don’t have the capacity for the amount of chocolate needed for a bigger group; commercial chocolate fountains do.

If you did use your home chocolate fountain at a large gathering, you would find yourself chained to the chocolate fountain by constantly refilling it. This is inconvenient for you and your guests who would have to wait before sampling additional dipping treats. Even adults get impatient waiting in line because the chocolate fountain is too small for the party. This will cause guests to focus on the inconvenience, instead of enjoying the delicious chocolate covered treats and your company.

Why a Commercial Chocolate Fountain Rental is the Perfect Solution

When you’re planning a large gathering, opt for a commercial chocolate fountain rental, and you can focus your energy on planning the party instead of worrying about having enough chocolate for your home chocolate fountain. Commercial chocolate fountains can easily accommodate a guest list of 50 to 75 people, unlike your home chocolate fountain which can handle up to 20 guests comfortably.

Sephra’s Aztec or Montezuma commercial chocolate fountains are both excellent choices for a larger party because they are both capable of providing enough chocolate to satisfy the hungriest guests without running dry in the process. Renting one is an economical choice if you don’t want to purchase, and renting a commercial chocolate fountain can include an attendant and dipping treats, leaving you to enjoy your guests.

You can decorate the commercial chocolate fountain to match the party’s theme or simply jazz it up to match the tone of the party. For example, you could choose the polished stainless steel finish and add white twinkle lights for a modern elegance or could add a wrapped box to the top for a birthday party. You can arrange a combination of tiered plates, sculpted ice bowls and platters to display the dipping treats so the chocolate fountain display table is both attractive and appetizing.

So save your home chocolate fountain for small, intimate gatherings and choose a commercial chocolate fountain rental to make your large party a memorable occasion!