When to Use Home Chocolate Fountains vs. Renting Commercial Chocolate Fountains


Home chocolate fountains are perfect for intimate parties or informal gatherings among family and friends, but if you’re planning to host a larger event, you’ll need to stow the home chocolate fountain and explore a commercial chocolate fountain rental.

Why a Larger Event Needs a Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Home chocolate fountains often use the same delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains that a commercial chocolate fountain uses, and you can certainly provide an array of dipping treats for your home chocolate fountain. The main difference is the amount of chocolate these chocolate fountains hold.

A commercial chocolate fountain is designed to feed a large number of guests several times throughout an event, while a home chocolate fountain is designed for home use to entertain a few people.

If you try to use your home chocolate fountain at a larger event, people will be waiting for chocolate, and you will be concentrating on keeping the chocolate fountain filled and the dipping treats replenished, instead of mingling with your guests and enjoying your event.

How Commercial Chocolate Fountain Rentals Will Enhance Your Party

Renting a commercial chocolate fountain means you can choose what elements you want included with your commercial chocolate fountain rental, and then you can concentrate on planning the rest of your event so that you can simply relax and enjoy your guests on the big day.

Sephra’s Aztec and Montezuma commercial chocolate fountains are each designed to keep a party of 50 to 75 guests well-fed in chocolate. A home chocolate fountain is simply not designed for that size or larger of a party. In contrast, commercial chocolate fountains ensure that chocolate will continue to flow throughout the party and keep guests satisfied.

Also, commercial chocolate fountains can be decorated with a topper to enhance the theme of your event, and the brushed or polished stainless steel design is sleek and modern in order to enhance the party’s atmosphere. A commercial chocolate fountain business will also create a display table to attract the attention of guests with tiers of dipping treats paired with fresh fruit in ice moulds, for example.

The cost of renting a commercial chocolate fountain including an eye-catching display table will not blow your budget and often includes the cost of dipping treats. Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains are user-friendly and will keep rich chocolate flowing during your party and leave you free to mingle and enjoy a plate of chocolate dipped treats right along with your guests.