Why Chocolate Connoisseurs Want Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolate has long been designated as chocolate’s elite and is desired by chocolate connoisseurs everywhere. Belgian chocolate is delicious as candy, but also as chocolate for chocolate fountains, as Sephra has proved.

Why is Belgian Chocolate so Desirable

Belgium is home to over 2,000 chocolatiers who specialize in producing delectable Belgian chocolate candy in a mind-blowing number of varieties. In fact, Belgium is said to produce 172,000 tons of chocolate every year! Chocolate connoisseurs visit Belgium to sample the delicious chocolate straight from the source, especially at the annual international chocolate symposium hosted in Bruges, Belgium.

This chocolate symposium always has a chocolate inspired theme and is sponsored by the Choco-Story chocolate museum in conjunction with Belcolade, a leading Belgian chocolate brand, and the City of Bruges. Belgian chocolate is so highly regarded in part because only the best ingredients are used to produce the chocolate, and they are often made from old family recipes. Belgian truffles are an endless source of delight for chocolate lovers because they offer a delicious variety of fillings and toppings.

Sephra Offers Pure Belgian Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains

It’s no wonder that Sephra selected Belgian chocolate to offer in its chocolate fountains. You can assure your chocolate fountain rental clients that Sephra chocolate for chocolate fountains is the best and preferred by chocolate connoisseurs the world over. Sephra’s chocolate fountains are the perfect way to spread the joy of Belgian chocolate to a large number of people.

Sephra’s Belgian chocolate is made from natural ingredients and contains no hydrogenized oils or substituted vegetable fats. It is also certified kosher, meaning you can market it this way and highlight that no additives are needed to operate in Sephra’s chocolate fountain. This way, clients get the Belgian chocolate experience without worrying about extra fat being added.

Sephra’s Belgian chocolate is available in dark, milk and white chocolate varieties. You can also give clients the option of renting two or even three smaller chocolate fountains to sample each type of chocolate for chocolate fountains available. The white chocolate can be safely dyed to enhance a theme, such as pink for a bridal shower, and won’t detract from the decadent taste of pure Belgian chocolate.

Offering pure Belgian chocolate for chocolate fountains will certainly impress chocolate connoisseurs and perhaps create a few connoisseurs after tasting Sephra’s Belgian chocolate. Also, by not using additives, your chocolate fountain rental business is a healthier alternative to your competitors. Anyone who tastes Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountains will have a hard time eating any other type of chocolate!