Why Sephra’s Commercial Chocolate Fountains are the Best in the Business

Sephra is the undisputed commercial chocolate fountain industry giant with unparalleled products, customer service, and the only Limited Lifetime Warranty in the chocolate fountain business. Sephra also has four patents and a stellar reputation for manufacturing high-quality chocolate fountains, making it easy to understand why Sephra’s commercial chocolate fountains are such a popular choice.

It’s All in the Design

Sephra took the time to create both commercial chocolate fountains and home chocolate fountains that were guaranteed to hold up against the highest industry standards. Four patents later, Sephra’s chocolate fountains are more user-friendly than others in both set-up and clean-up with their patented Quick Set tier system.

Sephra’s chocolate fountains also pass both sanitation and electric certifications, ensuring each chocolate fountain is safe to operate. Sephra chocolate fountains are also equipped with quiet motors built to endure, ensuring the focus remains on the warm flowing chocolate.

Sephra is a Company That Cares

Sephra understands that commercial chocolate fountain rental businesses who choose to operate Sephra chocolate fountains do so because of reliability and prestige. Sephra’s name helps chocolate fountain rental owners earn more money and attract more clients. Sephra desires to maintain this high standard and accordingly puts each chocolate fountain through rigorous quality control inspections prior to sending any unit out.

A Sephra chocolate fountain is an investment and must be in perfect working order to generate income for a chocolate fountain rental business. Once the ordered chocolate fountain passes the quality test, it’s packed with care and precision before leaving Sephra’s San Diego headquarters.

Sephra is so passionate about you making money from your new chocolate fountain that free shipping is given, along with a custom carrying case designed to protect your commercial chocolate fountain pieces while in transit, make you look more professional to clients, and to make life easier when going from job to job.

Sephra’s Limited Lifetime Warranty will kick in if any part of your chocolate fountain breaks, so you don’t have to worry about making additional investments should a part fail. That’s the Sephra guarantee!

Sephra Sets the Chocolate Fountain Industry Standard

Sephra stands out not only through its stellar customer service and impeccable quality control, but also in being the only chocolate fountain manufacturer who creates unique accessories just for Sephra chocolate fountains. Other chocolate fountain manufacturers simply offer universal accessories that are mass produced.

Sephra’s attention to detail and passion for chocolate and chocolate fountains shows in the chocolate fountains, accessories and customer service. Don’t you agree?