Chocolate Fountain Sales


Tips from the PROS


From Christine Aunspach of An Elegant Touch Chocolate Fountains in Washington - "Donate your services to Local Charity events.  This gets you exposure to some very elite events but also shows you are community minded. It helps build a good relationship with the town leaders and in turn brings you more business."


From Kelly Keilman of Chocolate Fountain Fantasies in Pennsylvania - "If somebody wants to rent your fountain for their wedding, but you are already booked for that day, suggest renting it to them for either their rehearsal dinner the night before, or for the day after the wedding if they are having a gift-opening party. That way, they still get a chocolate fountain to enjoy and you still get the booking!"


From Alexandra Corzo of A-List Events in Florida - "Reach out to your local banquet halls and country club facilities. You'll be surprised on how many of these companies are eagerly looking to work with you. Offering The Chocolate Fountain as part of their priced packages can benefit them more than you may think. Of course, you must always have them confirm dates with you in advance in order to avoid overbooking & to ensure availability. Events of this type, handled by professionals, can sometimes require less work on your behalf but will always offer plenty of exposure!!!"


From Shari Mager of Charmed Chocolatier - "Put together an 'emergency bag' which contains the following, extra skewers, spatulas, knives, gloves, roll of tape, roll of paper towels, two 3lbs bags of chocolate and anything else you think you might need.  This is in addition to your supplies bin, which goes inside the event with you.  Your emergency bag stays in your vehicle and is for true emergencies only.  But, you'll always know that it is there in just in case you need it."


From Stacey Wong of Stacey's Chocolate Fountains - "Don't be afraid to refer business to that cross town 'competitor' if you are booked up on a particular date.  Think of it as extra exposure for chocolate fountains in general, which will ultimately lead to more bookings for you.  And I'm sure the next time that 'competitor' gets a call when he/she is booked up, they will return the favor and refer you."